COUNTRY SMOOTH Where Modern Flavor Meets Bold Traditions

From the spirit of Country to the bold taste of tradition. Our next Up and Coming flavor is no other than Country Smooth. For the love of country lifestyle, Country Smooth is a modern interpretation of the bold traditional flavor of Whiskey. It will definitely give you a kick of “country” flavor. Founded by Lori Carcich in 2015, she teamed up with her husband John in creating an authentic whiskey company, which was born out of their love and craze for country music and the all “American Lifestyle.” Their process of creating the perfect flavor of whiskey took them a few tries but it all came down to Lori’s preference for a classic flavored whiskey that could be savored like a fine glass of wine. Her vision for a perfect country whiskey had to be SMOOTH, but not weak or watered down. Even though John enjoyed the everyday flavor of hard whiskey, they wanted to create something different, something country, and something smooth.

Both Lori and John’s taste for modern appeal tied in with their desire for a classic American flavor that can target both men and women, Whiskey lovers, and novices alike. For the Spirit of Country, their goal was to create the highest quality experience possible for all of the senses to enjoy, taking you on a ride starting from the smell and taste of the whiskey, to the overall look and feel of the bottle. What truly makes this company authentic is how all of their product components are made in our beautiful and proud “Country” of America. For years, Lori and John pursued a life in finding the perfect mixture of smooth, authentic, approachable, and modern flavors for the creation of their spirits. However, with the combination of extensive research and development with their love for whiskey culture and American pride, sparked the creation of Country Smooth.

For the Sport of Country, Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson and Pro Bowler LeRoy Irvin, two NFL legends who reached the pinnacle of their sport, joined the Country Smooth team in its early stages. Their uniquely American stories and heralded careers in the NFL made them perfect partners for Country Smooth. They have brought this same passion and commitment to their involvement with our mission to introduce a quality whiskey for a new American audience.

Country Smooth was created for both traditional and non-traditional whiskey drinkers alike, in which the flavors will ultimately take you on an experience of savory goodness and endless flavor that will make your taste buds scream for more. So what’s up and coming for them in the near future, let me tell you. Country Smooth will be Launching their American Premium Whiskey this January 2016, in addition to two new flavored whiskeys. Their whiskey is definitely the delicious icing on a cake, which will attract any whiskey lover of all kinds. So if you enjoy modern AND traditional flavors, then Country Smooth is the whiskey for you!

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