Buck Palmer : A Man… A Brand… A Maverick.

I’m the kind of girl who can light a match and attract every rebel within 50 yards to her fire. I’ve always had a thing for those who color outside of the lines and dance to their own beat. There’s a certain vibration that comes from the free-spirited and adventurous beings of this world, that resonates out to the masses. We’re the risk takers, the dream chasers. We’re the ones whose lives are filled with others “should of”, “could of” and “would ofs”. As they gravitate towards us, we also gravitate towards each other; often collaborating and combining energies in the search for improvement and change. It is this gravitation, this dance that led Up & Coming Magazine to Buck Palmer; a man… a brand… a maverick.

Buck Palmer’s life reads a lot like a movie script. The life journey (which subsequently led to the founding of his company, named after the man himself) is akin to something you’d see on the big screen. Within his story, you find success, loss, adventure, spirituality, and rebirth. All which culminated in the launch of his business. He’s a passionate and creative man who has taken his life experiences and found a way to express them through fine tooled jewelry.

Gold and silversmithing are far from the career direction Buck saw his life originally going in, and he has in fact only recently began pursuing the career professionally. About a year ago, after traveling the world to teach a Himalayan meditation technique, he met a woman who was a jewelry designer and started him along this path. However, creativity and entrepreneurship run through Palmer’s veins. His mother was an interior designer with the keen eye of a creative and his father was quite business minded. He credits them both for a big part of his new-found success. “My mother, she finds the beauty in the simplest
of things! Nature, food, different cultures etc…  and my dad with his entrepreneurial
side… Both these attributes helped me start to create in the way I do. I am just grateful this
possibility came through in such a unique way to me… somethings in life you just can’t plan, it just happens thru you.”

The Buck Palmer current collections, most definitely reflect the travels and observations of their creator. One of the artist’s largest motivations in pursuing his work is that he can continuously evolve and create. “There are no limits in what I do so I am inspired by the unknown that is to come…that really excites me.” Both his excitement and admiration for the craft are easily seen in each of Palmer’s pieces. When asked about advice to others searching a similar path, he speaks of how important it is to follow what calls to you when working in creative fields. “Just continue to follow your charm; that means to continue to do what you love without any outcome orientation. When you do that the expression of what you do is authentic. Most of all do what you love and don’t give up.”

What’s Up & Coming for Buck Palmer? This year the company is working on distributing their goods across new markets so that more of us can wear the “rustic-luxe” that makes up this high-quality jewelry brand. You can currently find them across 5 countries (the USA, Asia, Europe, Canada and soon to be Australia), however, there are plenty of fingers, wrists, and necks out there awaiting some Buck Palmer holistic adornment. Buck Palmer (the man) is also toying with the idea of taking on a partner so that Buck Palmer (the business) can grow their digital marketing and production capacities. There’s also an indication the brand will be expanding into other avenues outside of the jewelry realm, but you’ll have to wait for our follow up interview for information on that. One thing’s for sure, you can count on Buck Palmer (the maverick) to keep pushing the envelope and to continue creating and providing the rest of us with the unique collections that we’ll crave.

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