Denise Poole: A WonderWoman Who Can Do It all

 Passion for what you do gives you the energy to live a driven life. Denise Poole is a driven versatile performing artist who likes different performances. A vlogger, working actress, screenwriter, dance teacher, on-camera coach and now, businesswoman as well, she is the true definition of grabbing life with both hands and never letting go as long as you are “following what makes you happy.” She lives in Los Angeles where she pursues a creative career and chases the opportunities in the creative and business world.
Life as an immigrant has not been easy on the performing artist who describes just staying in the US as one of the hardest things she has had to do in pursuit of a fulfilling creative career. Having immigrated to the country and working to remain there is a hardship but despite this hardship which limits her from pursuing a carefree life and forces her to keep proving her worth in order to keep living and working in the country, the artist has chosen not to give up but instead keep moving forward.
  Denise Poole draws motivation not only from the feeling she gets from being on stage, a feeling she describes as having “no worries, questions or thoughts” and an embodiment of how it feels to truly “live in the moment” but also, the inspiration she gives others who want to pursue a similar career. These two reasons keep her motivated and grounded from being entranced and trapped by the superficial life that characterizes the film industry. As such she has been able to adopt a forward-thinking mentality to help her keep achieving more and more when doing what she loves doing.
While the artist attributes her success to her dedication to her work, determination to succeed and the supportive amazing people who surround her, she is also not afraid to note that random encounters with strangers have sometimes gone on to impact her life positively and as such she also does live for such moments as well. She also notes that being driven keeps her motivated and prepared for the opportunities lurking out there in the creative industry and business world and this motivates her to keep working hard.
She follows the advice she has dished out to people who want to pursue a similar career into the creative industry: follow what makes you happy, plan each step of the way, know what you offer comes from within you and is unique and study your craft deeply even by taking classes. This has helped her in her projects. For instance, as a departure from her creative interests, Denise established Unicorn Jewels, a jewelry line that she is currently marketing.
    Drawing inspiration from what she has achieved so far, the performing artists already has several projects under her belt that she is looking forward to. One is her role as a ninja battling superhero in a part-comic book, part action film that is in production. This is exciting as it will fulfill one of her dreams to be a comic book character. She will also be traveling to Europe for the summer and vlogging the experience for Finally, she plans to expand her Unicorn Jewels products to stores in LA and keep doing what she loves most: performing!

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