U&C is an online lifestyle magazine which showcases various brands, faces, places, and talent who are Up and Coming and trending in pop culture. Our aim is to inform our readers with the most recent and sensational people who are truly unique in their own way. Each brand and talent portrays something distinct and special, which clearly provides positive and motivational information targeted to encourage and inspire each reader. With so many tabloids reporting such negative news on the internet, its a breath of fresh air to present our pioneering style to our readers. Our LA-based readers will enjoy reading our articles due to how we solely base each story around the Los Angeles area, providing a deep love and appreciation for our beautiful city. We are not just a lifestyle magazine, but are focused on providing beneficial and uplifting stories of change, motivation, determination, and how to better yourself with goal-oriented articles. We also inform you on ways to have a good time by listing our hotspots, trending areas, and events to energize and stimulate the mind and body. We are not your typical online magazine, we are more than that. We are confident, we are strong, we are go-getters, we are talented, we are determined, and most of all…WE ARE A TEAM!

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