Not many newcomers manage to survive in the film industry. However, Mexican actor Alberto Zeni has been exploring varying artistic expressions that have allowed him to perform in some of the best international stages and most watched shows on TV. Like many actors before him, Alberto had always had the desire to appear on stage ever since he was a little kid.
Alberto recalls fondly how he would give sporadic performances for his family and friends in virtually any location or scenario that called for his creativity. In a sense, you can say that performing has always come naturally to him, almost as though his destiny had been set before he even knew it himself.
It comes as no surprise that Alberto Zeni was recruited at a young age to attend performing arts school in one of Mexico’s largest and most successful TV stations, TV Azteca, which saw him move from his hometown to Mexico City. It was here that he honed his skills even getting the opportunity to work and create a program known as YaCayó with producer Memo Rosales that enjoyed impressive nationwide ratings.
After his stint in TV Azteca, Alberto opted to move to LA to pursue more opportunities but later returned to Mexico where he has participated in numerous successful projects such as XY, La Revista, Hoy Soy Nadie (Netflix), Capadocia (HBO), Bajo El Alma (TvAzteca), El Octavo Mandamiento (Cadena Tres), and so much more.
Alberto states that the hardest part about attaining his success was learning how to give a better meaning and purpose to life. According to him, the constant pursuit of happiness can make it challenging to live a meaningful life every day. ‘’ But once you have realized that life can be enjoyed and not suffered, that is when everything lightens up, says Alberto.
Alberto owes his success to all the people that have made a meaningful impact in his life whether a positive or a negative one. He says that the impact has helped him grow as a human being and as a professional because his experiences have enriched his memories and the way he views life. Alberto looks up to Vladimir Nabokov, Meryl Streep and Elon Musk for his amazing vision and his capacity to go above and beyond what is expected.
Alberto is currently working on numerous projects for the upcoming year. For instance, he is co-starring in a movie from director Kevin Shulman known as I am Fear. He is also working on a new film known as “Comienzo” with director Cosmos Kiindarius and he is also planning on introducing new international content into the US with some of his partners.

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