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Erick Gonzales is a native Los Angeles photographer and owner of the label, HypeMachina. We live in a digital age where your Instagram life needs to be as poppin’ and interesting as your real one. It’s a tough standard to live up to in regular society. However for creative folk like Erick, Instagram is a wonderful business proposition. With 10.4K followers, Erick has built a visual pallet that is enticing and captures the heart of Los Angeles. His visual blog on Instagram is @FREETRANSFER and it is a magnificent depiction of the Southern Cali life. Want to know the best part of his work? It’s all on his phone! Erick is a viral sensation with an eye for creative shots.

“It’s art. Don’t be afraid to try new things and think outside of the box.” – Erick

Growing up seeing advertisements everywhere really inspired Erick to actually pick a visual career. He always knew he was a creative person and initially he was just looking for a way to channel that and that’s when he became up front and personal with photography. His images range from still shots of LA city to streets to the gorgeous views of Manhattan Beach. There’s a lot of different aspects to his work. The best way I could describe it is simple and elegant. His photography says a lot of about the beauty of Southern California but it’s never fussy. Architecture seems to be a big fascination with Erick, that’s why on his page you’ll see the corners of buildings or a brief silhouette of something that caught his eye. It’s the simplicity in his work that makes it so attractive. He prefers VSCO as an editing tool on the go.

Erick pays homage to all of those who admire art, and all of those who has met on social media for collaborations and celebrations of creativity. With the digital age booming as it is, Erick said its very easy to keep up your craft when there’s such a large social demand for it. The most challenging aspect of photography for Erick has been the mediums he uses. “When I first started I had a crappy phone. The megapixels were horrible. However, that’s kind of my thing. I can use a camera but I prefer to take my pictures on the go.”

So what’s up and coming? HypeMachina is a brand designed by Erick that is going to actually incorporate his photography into a clothing line. The label is going to be launched sometime in 2016 so be on the lookout! The designs for each piece are currently still in the making for this visual creative and as he moves forward U&C is sure it will become a household name. Additionally, Erick plans to take his travel plans to the next level for different shots. So far, FREETRANSFER depicts shots all over California. By the end of 2016, Erick hopes to have shots all over the United States. Can’t wait to see what pops up on this guy’s feed next!

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Facebook- Erick Gonzales
Instagram- Freetransfer
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