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Need a personal trainer, with a specialty in strength/conditioning as well as functional mobility? Joe Carrier is your man! He’s also a group fitness instructor at The Phoenix Effect on Melrose Ave, IMO the most badass community of athletes and programmed classes you can find in LA! From wrestling for 15 years to dancing professionally for 8 years, Joe has always led an athletic lifestyle, which has taught him how to take care of the body physically, mentally, and nutritionally.  Combining his background with a sincere love for people, made personal training a beautiful match for this fitness junkie. Personal training was actually not something Joe had originally sought out to do.  He was dancing professionally and has credits to Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Kesha, Ricky Martin, and Keyshia Cole. However, Carrier felt it was time to move on.

During that transition, he was programming workouts for his best friend, and as he witnessed him go from 18% body fat down to 11%, everything just clicked.  Six months later Joe had his ACE certification and began a new path.

”I care deeply about making sure my clients feel how much I believe in them, and I take pride in being in their corner 24/7.  For me, it’s more than just programming great workouts.  It is about motivating and supporting, and being a part of their journey.  Everyone should be able to see the King/Queen they are and walk in that confidence proudly.  As I love to hashtag, #EmbraceYourSexy”

As far as his success is concerned, Joe definitely gives The Phoenix Effect a whole lot of credit.  He was teaching there before I started taking 1 on 1 clients and learned so much while gaining confidence and experience.  Beth Bishop, the owner, believed in Joe enough to take him on from the beginning, and still continues to keep teaching every day. Joe has succeeded because he has an understanding that the hardest part in anything is deciding to take a leap of faith for your passion, whatever that may be, and do it full force.  One foot in and one foot out just won’t cut it, and there is never a “right time” to make a move. Joe has made it this far by making decisions and chasing dreams. As far as what is up and coming for this amazing fitness genius, we are super excited to announce Joe will be doing a show for Reebok, allowing him to combine his fitness and dance background.  Following that, Joe is also in the process of starting his own personal brand #TheJoeZone where he will be sharing tutorial videos and intense new workouts that are not only effective and functional, but a whole lot of fun! And stay tuned for BootyPop Plyo, a plyometrics based workout incorporating some sexy moves you can take to the club! For all things, fitness and fun check out his facebook!

By Elise Grey

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