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Nilo Juaneza is a designer, entrepreneur, writer, and RN in the LA area. He’s had quite the journey to get to where he is and U&C cannot wait to share it with you! Growing up in a small island, from the slums and eventually living a life that some people dreamed of, Nilo knew he had a hole in his heart. He yearned to be his own man and wanted his own identity. This visionary prayed for his own “rags to riches” story and left the comforts of home partly due to his run-ins with the law and his wish to fulfill an unknown  calling that he was answering to. He moved to Los Angeles to seek refuge and greener pasture and eventually found himself experiencing life as a registered nurse, writer, artist, and an entrepreneur. Nilo recently created his own record Label, Beautiful Ruckus and dedicates his work to making music that would inspire people. As a songwriter, this musical talent has decided to sound to the next level. His primary focus is on artist branding and funding. He has a team who assists with vocal training, songwriting, recording and finding other ways to distribute music. Nilo is a new player with an old school game. He believes in hand picking pure raw talent with the goal of making them realize the unlimited capabilities their abilities can bring to them and their surrounding communities.

His honesty is what has taken him so far in his career. He has an understanding that happiness is subjective, similar or not. It is important that one can decipher what truly makes the heart sing and then to go after it. As long as people understand this notion, according to Nilo, they will succeed. He himself has set to prove that anyone from anywhere can make it. He will prove that everyone’s dreams matter and that they come true. Nilo believes his success is owed to God, he believes his career path is a divine life mission. Also, Nilo favors his family in reference to his recent success. Have a look at his amazing company and see the magic for yourself!

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