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The best thing about comedy is that usually what makes something funny is the fact that it’s true. Comedians touch base on modern truths that normal people just don’t have the guts to talk about. And for that reason meet the members of PACT: Johnny Sanchez, Ahmed Ahmed, Vinny Oshana, and Raj Sharma. These four dudes are professional stand-up comedians, as well as actors and voice over artists.  Stand up is such a hard medium, but it also so rewarding as you receive immediate feedback from your audience.  You know if you can make someone laugh, you have made his or her day a little better. It provides the opportunity to put tours together like the “Pledge Allegiance to Comedy Tour” and to address real life issues in the world, in this case, anti-immigration sentiment. These guys are American and love our country, but want to also humorously point out the fact that it’s time to realize that multi-culturalism is the new norm. It’s a hilarious form of activism that both entertains and gets the point across. Comedy is a great form of therapy. The idea is to get on stage and talk through any experienced that’s taken place in one’s life and have someone laugh at it. The advice that this group has in reference to comedy is,

“It’s a tough business, but if you have talent and it’s what you want to do, go for it.  Write, write and write.  Write everything that happens to you down.  Don’t let people say you can’t do it, and don’t be a jerk.  Being nice to people will get you much farther.”

Wise words. We can respect that here at U&C. The members of this tour owe each other their successes. They cheer each other on, people produce their own shows and they give each other stage time. Consistent paid stage time in clubs is hard and it ebbs and flows. Each member of the comedy tour find’s themselves lucky to have built a solid network of people who share the ups and downs with them, that’s what ultimately get’s one through. Want more PACT info? Follow:

Instagram: @pledgecomedy
Twitter: @pledgecomedy

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