Rhian Paige: You Name it This International Beaut Can Accomplish it

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Looking for a Top Model? An actress? A singer? How about someone who can spin fire? Look no further than Rhian Paige. Paige hails from Sydney, Australia with a Ukrainian and Welsh background. Her early years were spent building her modeling career early with a fashion catalog for Macy’s New York. Paige described her thought process during that time, “I remember being as young as 5, watching the TV and knowing I wanted to be in it! And I could never pick just one.” Well into her teen years Paige was already heavily involved with dancing, modeling, acting, and fashion event coordination. The experience in landed Rhian acting and modeling roles in nationally aired TV shows, music videos, international commercials, and magazine features. Paige has worked with a plethora of brands including Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Dos Equis, Mountain Dew, Aquafina, Volvo, and much more. Paige has traveled all over Europe pursuing her passions. Paige’s diverse career has taken her all over Europe; with her large volume of experience e all over Australia she finally made the decision to pursue her passions in the US, where she is now native to Los Angeles. According to Rhian there were the obvious of being told “this isn’t a career,” but she persevered on her own accord and made it happen for herself. This woman is the epitome of having a dream and then taking it for one’s self. U&C has nothing but good things to say about this lovely woman. She’s truly an inspiration to aspiring actresses, models and hard-working women everywhere. Follow her at:


By Elise Grey

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