Sarah Keller: Comedic Bombshell for the Win

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Sarah Keller is an actress and stand-up comic, in Los Angeles. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in theater and moved to LA shortly after. She worked for Walt Disney World Entertainment for 5 years. Keller also placed 1st in the preliminary rounds of Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest. There was a brief moment where she envisioned herself as a lawyer but she quickly realized her true calling and changed her mind. She’s been acting and making people laugh for as long as she can remember. Sarah always loved performing, she was in her first play in second grade, and followed up with every play and performance related activity (dance, band, show choir, speech team, debate). In high school, Sarah was in a one-act play where she played a girl who cut herself. Actors and actresses such as herself would travel to different schools in the state and perform it in one-act competitions, and after every performance Sarah would have at least one person come up to her, explain that it meant so much to them to see their story told on stage and that for once, they didn’t feel so alone because someone else understood what they were feeling. She capitalized on this thought as she explained her craft,

“It was that experience that made I fully realize that you really can help people through art, and if I can reach people through performance and help even one person to see that they aren’t alone, that there’s someone out there who understands their struggle, then that’s all I want to do. Now, as a comic, I get to make people laugh while bringing light to the issues we face today, by making light of the dark times, and that’s awesome.”

There are ups and downs for any career path and those who choose entertainment feel it blatantly. We asked Keller to explain her advice to any aspiring actors and comedians out there and this is what she had to say,

“Do it. But do it completely. You can’t half-ass it.  No one becomes a comedian overnight, it takes years of practice, studying, performing in crappy bar shows to one drunk guy with four teeth who keeps yelling “Take your top off” at you while you try to tell your joke about LA traffic. You have to love it because it’ll eat you up if you don’t. And it helps to have a delusional sense of hope.”

You can catch this hilarious bombshell performing regularly at Flappers Comedy Club. Or follow her on Facebook: Sarah Keller or @sarahkeller07


By Elise Grey

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