An Alaskan Filmmaker Carves His Path Through Hollywood

I’m a sucker for a good story. There’s something about losing yourself in a land full of unfamiliar characters and themes that’s downright therapeutic. I find myself immersed in the search for one story or another daily. Whether it be a NPR report, a best-selling book or a new Anime on Netflix, I just thrive on the up’s and down’s as a plot unfolds and takes me through a tale. In Los Angeles we’re lucky to live in a land where stories abound. Playwrights, authors, poets, musicians and filmmakers flock to the area in order to bring us intrigue and adventure. It is here we found Bradford James Jackson; a kindred spirit who agreed to share a part of his saga with us.

Bradford is an actor, writer, producer and director with a passion for storytelling. He comes to L.A. from Alaska (which holds a surprisingly booming film market) where he studied acting and film at the University of Anchorage. Though there was a brief time where working towards a football scholarship or perhaps joining the military was a strong possibility, he’s always known his ultimate goal was to work in the film industry. “Ever since I was a little boy I’ve wanted to make movies. From the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep my mind is focused on the entertaining aspects of story-telling, the messages that can be elevated, as well as the education, effect and inspiration it can have on others. It is truly a humbling experience.”

Continually striving towards advancement in realizing his dreams, Bradford’s determination is to be commended. Not to mention his honesty and straight forward outlook when talking about what it takes to reach one’s goals. In speaking to others who may be interested in a similar career he stresses that though believing in yourself is key, it takes more than that. He talks about faith, courage and discipline being key attributes needed to navigate the entertainment industry. There are often obstacles that arise and get in the way of success, perhaps causing questions on your chosen path. “We all have that little voice in our head saying “Can I?” But we also have that thunder in our heart shouting “Yes you can!”. So believe in your interests, hold true to yourself, and don’t ever give up…”

There’s something refreshing about Bradford James  Jackson; something that makes him stand out amongst others in similar roles in this city. Perhaps it’s his genuine love and admiration for the people he fills his life with. He speaks about his father, Ronald Jackson, as being not only one of his idols, but as being a teacher who taught him how to “stand up for what you believe in and at the same time remain a tender warrior no matter what anyone else says.” When he speaks of his fiancée Erin Lindsay King, who is also an accomplished actor and producer, he cites the old adage “behind every strong man is an even stronger woman” as being false in their case. “She has never been behind me, she was and is always right next to me, looking into my eyes and saying “You can do this.”

Perhaps the refreshing element comes into play in Bradford’s outlook on character and ego in the entertainment industry. In a business that seems to thrive on “getting credit where credit is due” and being the center of attention, it’s nice to hear a different perspective. “One lesson that stands out to me is about ego and the negative effects it can have on all of us. I believe that if we simply put ourselves aside, as in stop thinking only about what we want, we begin to see the whole world around us and in the end what others need.”
Whatever the component may be that drew us to Bradford James Jackson and his story, we’re thankful for it and can’t wait to see what’s Up & Coming for the young multi-talented storyteller. We’re hopeful that his short film Come Back Home, which was accepted into the 2014 Cannes Film Festival Short Film corner, finds backing to become a full-length feature film. We also look forward to his new short film being made by Bradford Jackson Films in association with White Rabbit Entertainment., which is in pre-production right now and is planning to shoot this summer. There’s a Frontiersman-Fantasy series which is in development and is planned to be shot in Alaska, and if that’s not enough for you, Bradford has also been cast in the upcoming thriller Hell’s Acre, alongside Francesca Eastwood.

To follow this handsome and talented man and to see a glimpse of his work.








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