BioDOGradable: The Waste Pick-Up Bag EARTH Loves

Why wrap your dog’s poop in an everlasting plastic tomb?

BioDOGradable account manager Eric Babcock has been a dog owner as well as an environmentally conscious person his entire life, so this question has continually plagued him. The mission of BioDOGradable, founded in 2016 by Director of Operations Veejay Patel, is to outfit pet owners with a poop pick-up solution that doesn’t lead to millions of plastic-wrapped poops swirling around our oceans for eternity. Enter the revolutionary BioDOGradable Waste Pick-Up bags—they’re 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable, and it is BioDOGradable’s goal to get them into the hands of every dog owner.

However, pet waste pick-up bags are just a start for BioDOGradable. Plastic pollution is an enormous ecological issue, and BioDOGradable plans to produce grocery bags, trash can liners, and litter box liners, and to continue researching solutions so that many other single-use items can eventually be replaced by biodegradable, environmentally sustainable products. Additionally, BioDOGradable believes the future of home waste disposal will be composting, so they are



innovating many products to try to make home-composting more appealing to people who aren’t environmentally inclined.




While it may seem like a small thing, switching from plastic to BioDOGradable waste pick-up bags is a first step toward preventing the ever-growing heap of plastic bags that floats in our oceans from getting any bigger.

Again, think about it: do you really need your dog’s poop to last forever? Use BioDOGradable! Allow the world to recycle using its natural processes; nothing needs to last as long as plastic. Especially poop!


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