Celeste Thorson: Shining Bright Amongst LA Lights

Have you ever looked up and marveled at the celestial magic that makes up the night sky? Countless numbers of planets, quasars, cosmos, and stars all fighting to hold your attention. So much to gaze at, marvel over and to merely take in that it can sometimes feel almost overwhelming. Somehow, your eye catches on one patch of sky, on one star that seems to shine brighter than the rest. It seems to out twinkle the competition and command your attention. I often think of this scenario when watching the talent of Los Angeles. There’s so much potential, countless stories to tell and immeasurable passion that’s converged in this one location to make up our west coast constellation of angels. And then, as they usually do, our eyes catch on one piece of sky, on one particular star that seems to be shining brighter and out twinkling the competition. This month, that star goes by the name of Celeste Thorson.

Celeste Thorson is a woman of many talents. She is an actress, a producer, a political activist and a screenwriter. Born in Orange County, California and raised across the Southwestern United States, she says that she’s always been an artist and a writer at heart. Growing up she enjoyed participating in children’s theater productions, though her formal introduction to the industry didn’t come until a bit later. After graduating high school early, Celeste went on to attend the historic Instituto Allende, a fine arts institute in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. It was upon her return to Los Angeles that the young talent began to pursue her passions in life. “When I first returned to Los Angeles as a young adult, I worked as a political activist advocating for human and environmental rights. I am always seeking out roles and stories that allow me to combine those two passions artistically.”

Shortly after her arrival in L.A. Celeste was picked up by CESD Talent Agency as an actress and a model. She has taken that opportunity and gone on to become an award-winning actress who has also produced multiple television series. She has modeled in numerous campaigns and national commercials alike. Celeste describes herself as an actress and a writer with a passion for telling empowering stories. She cites those same stories as the thing that keeps her motivated in a competitive industry where frustration can come easily. “I am motivated to tell stories that reflect characters who overcome adversity or create something beautiful out of challenging circumstances. I also love comedy and the joy that comes from looking at life through a humorous lens. I am inspired by the people I meet, the experiences I have, and the stories I hear. I feel there is no shortage of inspiration or motivation, only the time and resources to express them.”

Celeste’s continued success is surely tempered by her balanced approach to both the creative and practical aspects of her industry. She believes that preparation is one of the most important components of success in the entertainment world. She stays informed and does her research in order to put out her best work and continuously refine her craft. Her advice to others looking to get into similar career paths is to be as productive as possible while striving to create quality work rather than just waiting for opportunities to unfold. She also points out the importance of avoiding distraction and staying focused. It is easy to get caught up with circumstances that can derail you from your goals. Now I try to ask myself, is this person, place, or thing contributing to my happiness and growth? If not, I try to focus my energy on something or someone that does.”
Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about Celeste is how she continues to give back to the world around her. A brief look at her website will afford you a glance at some of the organizations and causes she has championed as an advocate for human and environmental rights. Her social media feed is full of ways to #beKind and how to fill the world with #randomActsOfKindness. She respectfully refers to those who have supported her throughout her career as the reason she has found success, stating: “I owe my success so far to every supporter, colleague, and fan who has shared their kindness and talents with me. I believe my inner desire to persevere has allowed me to continue to pursue my art but, it would not be possible without the people who have supported me along the way. These individuals have given me the opportunity to be creative and do what I love, and to me that is success.”

What’s up and coming for Celeste Thorson in 2017? We have some films to look forward to including “Treasure Hunter: The Legend of the Lost Witch”, a film by Aldamisa Entertainment, screenwriter Scott Windhauser and director Ken Barbet recently shot in Mexico. Celeste is also currently in post-production on the film “Apache Wife” which is inspired by Native American oral history and directed by Paul Street. You can expect Celeste to continue her work in activism, supporting the causes dear to her heart and focusing on screenwriting and film projects that explore the poignant issues facing our society today. One thing is for sure, Celeste Thorson stands out, shining brightly as a star amongst stars. We’re excited to keep our eye on her patch of sky as this multi-talent continues to rise to fame.

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