dsc_8415Up and Coming Online gets to sit down with many different people in the industry. We were lucky enough to have a great chat with Christian Rodrigo, who works behind the scenes as a filmmaker and an acting coach as well as onstage as an actor.

Christian had a tough time leaving his hometown (Barcelona), his family and friends, and he also to give up a stable corporate job to follow his dreams. As an acting coach and filmmaker, he’s passionate about his work because he’s always loved film and theater, Now he can be an active member of the industry.

He loves being an Actor, as he can live different lives and explore characters. He says it helps him understand human psychology in a deeper way. He loves to get transported to different places or times, but the best thing is to make an impact on peoples’ lives, to make them feel and to use their imaginations.

As an Acting Coach, he loves to help fellow actors to grow as human beings and as artists. He says it’s wonderful to see a student become someone with a wider range of colors, emotions, and experiences; a privilege to witness and be a part of someone’s education, to enrich their souls, values and skills.

As a Filmmaker, he loves to be able to work on stories that and to choose things that impact society.

He knows the industry is tough, but he has always wanted to work in it, ever since he can remember and he is driven by the realization that when he is creating, the person watching is able to escape in that moment. He tells us he owes his success to many things, one of which is the willingness to be open and honest with himself. He says anyone who wants to follow a similar dream needs to work hard and be dedicated, but also persistent. Those are his keys to success.

dsc_8456When we asked him who his inspiration is, he says his brother, who unfortunately passed away six years ago from blood cancer. He says his brother embodied true strength and courage and he always tries to live up to that. Christian also sites Gandhi and Mother Theresa as people he draws inspiration from, showing a spiritual side and the idea of giving he embodies.

Christian will be busy in 2017. He has some wonderful projects in the pipeline. Some of them he couldn’t talk about just yet, but he did share a few with us. He will be starring in “The Key to happiness” and working on the production side. As well, he’ll be in “Calungsod”, which is a historical movie shot in the Philippines. Another film called “John and Juliette” which is a project written by Rafael Buñuel (son of Luis Buñuel, one of the most talented Spanish filmmakers). He’ll be a producer on a film called “Aurelia” and “The Refugees” a play directed by Tim Robbins in which he’ll be able to play a real Spanish Refugee of 1939.dsc_8485

To keep up with Christian and the wonderful work he is doing, you can follow him on:
Instagram @ christianrodrigomuro
twitter @ ChristianRodr16

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