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Kathy McGuinness is more than passionate about dance. She describes her talent more as an entity that’s embedded in her rather than something she does, her description states, “I had very little say in it.” It’s that kind of raw dedication, a decision, that’s created such a wonderful Los Angeles business. In 2014 Kathy moved to Los Angeles brought us, Dance Masters. Let’s Dance Parties are a fun alternative for birthday parties, bachelorette parties or any celebration. It’s a private dance class for you and your friends where you get to drink champagne and become a diva for an hour or so. Who wouldn’t want to do that? It’s an opportunity to be vivacious with those you love and most of all it’s fun. Everyone wants to unleash his or her inner JLo!

So where did this amazing business owner come from? Well, The Dubliner started her classical ballet training when she was just two years old. She trained with the Billy Barry Stage School. Kathy also carries a professional dance diploma from the College of Dance in Dublin. Additionally, she trained at the world-renowned Pineapple Dance Studio in London and the influential Broadway Dance Centre in New York.  This diva also won the prestigious world title “Champion of Tomorrow” at the Winter Gardens in the home of ballroom dancing, Blackpool. With over 20 years teaching experience, Kathy has worked for Apple, Sony, Nike, L’oreal, Reebok, Disney, Miramax & The Coronas and much more. In 2011 she was approached to provide dancers for the MTV Europe Awards. Talk about having fun with a professional, huh?

And we have awesome news! Upcoming morning classes at Dance Masters are all about taking the pressure off. There’s obviously always a lot going on in LA, it’s a hectic city, so what better way to start your day than dancing to Beyoncé in a fun, relaxing environment? Dance is such an awesome way to workout without even realizing you’re doing it. So drop in and get an amazing workout and feel great while you’re doing it. You won’t regret it AND You’ll also get a 15% discount for being a U&C reader. For more information on prices and times check out their website and social media:

Instagram @dancemastersevents
Facebook Dance Masters Events

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Elise Gray

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