Dominic Leeder: An Overseas Look Into Making it in Hollywood

Martin Freeman once stated that acting is a terrible career choice unless you truly love it. In every sense, acting chooses you; you do not choose it, which means that it is not an afterthought or a negotiation, but it is the only thought, a concept that Dominic Leeder understands all too well. Dominic has always been an actor, so much so that his resolution to join the tough career was really a conscious decision. From the age of 9, the sphere of acting and performing influenced Dominic’s life heavily, which led him to pursue a diploma in performing arts that then paved the way to his entry into a prestigious drama school located in London.
Like many actors across the globe, America n film and TV opportunities are always something to aspire to and like many actors across the globe, the move to America was always at the forefront of Dominic’s mind. However, it was not until an opportunity presented itself while Dominic was working for a London theater company known as Punchdrunk that he made the big move. The rest, as they say, is magical history.
His move to America paved the way for him to participate in a number of interesting projects. Although London gave him the platform he needed to get started, America had a lot more to offer compared to rural England. On how he copes with the stress and the competition, which is inevitable in the industry, Dominic credits ‘me’ time for his relaxed and cool demeanor. Although he admits that finding time for himself is difficult owing to his busy schedule, he tries to find the time, whether in the gym or at home to let off some steam.
Aside from working on successful shows such as War Horse and West End, Dominic has also played Nate in ‘The Wrong Neighbor’ a movie about a chef attempting to open a new restaurant. Along with his first ever pilot, Dominic is also currently working on a fantastic new comedy that is currently in development in conjunction with Gunpowder and Fox titled Porn Again.
His dream role is hard to pin down because Dominic likes to dabble in a little bit of everything. However, he loves the progression of comedy and how it has managed to merge with action films. In the future, Domini hopes to sink his teeth into a great dramatic script. Although admittedly, he states that if he had to, he would not mind trying out the role of James Bond.

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