Noli Yoga: What Every Modern Woman Needs in their life.

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There are plenty of us out there who love getting that pump now and again. Ya’know, getting the blood flowing and getting that ultimate natural high. Some people choose to run. Some people prefer more contact with something like karate. Some people choose yoga. What Slava, owner of Nóli Yoga, has done is create a fitness brand to help one release their inner yogi in style. Like most business owners, Slava started out on a completely different path to success than what he intended. The founder actually attended Law school and worked in different positions for a total of ten years before realizing his vision. In the process of finding  peace, luckily Nóli was born. With offices in NYC and a manufacturing in Los Angeles and Miami, Nóli has grown into something bigger than Slava could have originally imagined. The word Nóli is an abbreviation for “no limits.” Slava believes one should never put limits anything goal an individual sets out. Nóli symbolizes this through various pieces like the amazing Tree of Life Legging, created with the intricate pattern of a tree climbing the right leg and the comfort for an athlete. The design is unique and exhibits good karma with its imagery, like all the pieces in this 2016 collection. Nóli is full of active wear apparel designed for the fashionable fit woman. Their versatile and functional products cater to each client by providing them a solid balance between comfort and fashionable active wear. We asked the creator of this amazing product what motivates him to do his work, his answer speaks world of the brand,

“…I always leave with a smile on my face knowing I have made people feel good wearing Nóli.”

What an inspiration it is, to see such a great collection creating nothing but good vibes and great patterns for everyone to enjoy. Whether it be for comfort or for style, Nóli has no shortage! Luckily, a whole lot is up next for this amazing brand. Come Summer and Fall 2016, expect a new collection to hit the stores, people! Namaste!

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By Elise Grey

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