Heather Turner: A Conduit for Change

There are some people you meet that immediately brighten up your day. They bring comfort, love, and understanding without ever saying a word. They do more than light up a room, they light city blocks, The Hollywood Sign and Times Square all at once. They glow. Though you’re not quite sure why, you instantly feel compelled to share the most intimate of secrets, to tell them your dreams and to ask their advice on how to achieve them. These people are conduits of sorts. It’s like they’re plugged into a universal source of goodness and love that is then manifested through them. This month, Up & Coming sat down with Heather Turner; yogi, teacher, creative and our conduit for change.

Heather is a woman of the world. She’s traveled the globe extensively, experiencing many different cultures and wearing many different hats along the way. She’s been a fire dancer, designed merchandise for musicians, costumed cirque performers, and art directed music videos and VR experiences. She moved to Los Angeles in her early 20’s from New Orleans to join the fashion industry and decided to fully immerse herself in aspects of the “California Lifestyle” that inspired her. Though she didn’t know exactly what that meant, she knew that it involved yoga. After trying many styles in locations around the Los Angeles area, she found her way to a Kundalini Yoga class and was hooked. “I found EXACTLY what I had been looking for. There was a part of me that became so deeply connected to this Divine energy that I literally felt my heart open. It was like my ego had taken the backseat and my spirit became the driver. It was through this profound experience that I just knew it wasn’t about me anymore; something bigger had made its way in.”

It was after a couple years of trudging her way through the California work force that Heather heard her call. “I feel like I have lived a thousand lifetimes just to figure out the best way for me to be of service in this one. Until the day, I literally heard a voice say, “It’s time to go to India”. India was a country that the young creative had always longed to travel to but never imagined it would materialize. In 2015, she traveled to Rishikesh, India and completed her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training through Golden Bridge Yoga with master teachers Gurmukh and Gurushabad. And thus, a yogi was born. “Yogi Bhajan (the master teacher who brought Kundalini Yoga to the states from India in the late 60’s) once said, “If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”

Recently Heather has been working on a new clothing line that bridges her love for design and the world of Kundalini Yoga. The line is called Aumni Apparel and was born and created here in Los Angeles. The name for the line came during a meditation of chanting Om (Aum) 108 times. “I finally discovered the why in what I have been doing. Aumni is to be of service to the masses by sharing the technology of kundalini yoga and providing clothing that supports living in the vibration of SatNam, identifying with your truth. Yoga is not just an internal practice which ends as soon as you step off the mat. It is a sense of well-being that is carried throughout your entire life. The clothing we choose to wear are tools that enhance the human experience.”
There are many words that could be used to describe Heather as a person; loving, funny, understanding, insightful and silly are just a few that come to mind. My new favorite description, however, is one that the artist uses to describe herself as a professional – “Boundless because I know that there are infinite possibilities.” This is the kind of woman Heather is; she reminds you that life is like one of those “Create Your Own Story” books; you can choose your life and within those choices the possibilities are endless. The only person that can get in your way on the path to success is yourself. There will be times we falter and miss the mark and it’s natural to have fears. However, it is important to remember that fear is the first part in becoming fearless. “The best advice I have for anyone stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship is to never let anyone convince you that you’re doing it wrong. We all have different ways of discovering the thread connecting us to doing what we love.  So never let self-doubt, caused by other people’s fears, stop you from taking chances and making those mistakes. If trial and error were never a thing, how would we ever discover what we are capable of?  “Keep up and you will be Kept up!”, this is a quote from Yogi Bhajan. Which is a great mantra to use while aspiring to succeed.”
Success comes with hard work. Hard work often comes with hard times. For hard times you need inspiration and support. “The hardest part of getting to where I am today was trusting that life is divinely orchestrated. I had been shown my path several times, but it’s as if I had to go through some spiritual boot camp to know that God always has my back.” Heather pulls her inspiration from a multitude of places including nature, yoga, those who fill her world and those who have come before her. Some examples are the fashion icon Donna Karen who believes we can create change through creativity, collaboration, connection, and community. These are all values that Heather holds as well. There’s a motivational speaker and author Gabrielle Bernstein, who “comes from a highly spiritual practice and has a clear understanding of our truth.” She looks towards her mother who watched her go through ups and downs and supported her “crazy ideas”. And the women that she has found while traveling through this crazy thing called life. Women who no matter what supported her on her artistic journey, have helped her create through teaching and encouraging her to embrace her gift. “These women are my muses, my source of creative energy, and it was through them that I began my Kundalini Yoga practice, became a fire-belly dancer and a costume designer. It is because of my tribe of sisters, Sirena Serpentina, that I am who I am and for that alone, I am forever grateful for their love and support.”
What’s up and coming for Heather Turner? Aumni will launch by the end of the year. She’s making it her goal to continue creating bridges with community outreach and healing programs. Aumni is her catalyst in creating channels to change how we as a society work together. She’s planning on supporting charities and raising awareness around the addiction and recovery community while expanding her knowledge through her Kundalini Yoga practice on how better to be of service to the community and the process. This is a matter she holds dear to her heart after watching many she cares for go through their own struggle. A true performer at heart, you’ll find her on stage with the sisters of Sirena Serpentina bringing the beauty of fire to the Los Angeles Area. She’s currently providing both group and private Kundalini Yoga classes which you can find by following the links below. Heather Turner is a woman, unlike many women I know. She’s strong, she’s compassionate and she has the ability to not only embrace but to harness, the change that frightens so many of us. Heather Turner is a light bearer in a sometimes-dark world. Heather Turner is our conduit to change.


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