Justin Foster: A Comic Creating an Experience with his Audience .

Dallas is known for a lot of things; the Cowboys, great BBQ, the setting of, well, Dallas. But it is less known for something it gives us a surprising number of – great comedians. Whether the city is a breeding ground or growing up under the glow of Reunion Tower provides an experience that leads to good material, many of its comedy exports are reaching new heights in their careers. One such comic is Justin Foster; a comedic star on the rise now living and kicking butt in Los Angeles.

U&C: What is it about creating comedy that has you hooked?
JF: There are so many aspects of comedy that I love. For example, when something bad happens or I get pissed off, I take comfort in the fact that I’ll be able to at least get a good joke out of it. I also really enjoy the actual writing process. I’m a very impatient person, so I love that comedy allows immediate feedback. I like that I can write something down in the morning, and by that night I can tell it to a group of people and find out if it’s funny or not.

U&C: What makes you stand out as a comic?
JF: I think the biggest thing is my different point of view. That’s what I love about comedy – different comedians can experience the same situation, but our past life experiences and various points of view cause entirely different opinions and jokes on the same topic. Writing-wise, I like to keep my material as personal as possible and share things about my life and current situations that hopefully people can relate to. Performance-wise, I like to create an experience with the audience and make it more conversational. I like the crowd to feel like we are all “in this together”.

U&C: Why comedy?
JF: Because I love to laugh and have always enjoyed making other people laugh. It sounds cliche, but I took it to the extreme. I barely graduated high school because I couldn’t stop cracking jokes from the back of the room. When I started comedy at 25 years old, the thought of getting paid to tell jokes to strangers was the craziest concept in the world. All these years later it still amazes me. I have so much fun on stage, and very rarely does it feel like actual work. Whenever someone pays me for a gig, my first thought is “are you sure?!”

U&C: Who is your favorite comedian?
JF: Patrice O’ Neal. I once saw him do six shows at the Improv in Texas and it was the greatest thing I had ever seen. He just sat on the stool and everything he said was smart, poignant, offensive, hilarious, and completely unpredictable. People would love him, hate him, and then love him again all during the same bit. It was the most inspiring thing to see someone in complete control of the audience.

U&C: Besides comedy, what are you passionate about?
JF: Music and Books. I almost always have at least three books I’m reading at once. I listen to music in the car, shower, and before shows. Believe it or not, both influence my comedy quite a bit. For example, my comedy album “Dangerless” was written almost entirely while listening to Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports”, and a lot of the joke callbacks were structured because of an obsession I have with J.K. Rowling’s writing in the Harry Potter series and her trust that the audience will go along with her.

U&C: What’s Up and Coming for you professionally in the next year?
JF: In February I will be releasing my debut comedy album “Dangerless”. It will be available on iTunes, my website, and shows. I’m so excited to get it out there! It was recorded at Flappers in Burbank, CA, start to finish, all during one show. The material centers around my fears of flying/dying, my sobriety, and moving in with my girlfriend. I’ll be touring to support that album, and will also be working towards coming up with new material which I plan on filming a comedy special December of 2018.

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