Kennade Condon: #BLESSED


Kennade Condon is a model that is passionate about her work as it aids her in making a difference. She feels light as she goes about her professional duties as people love her energy. Kennade has always wanted to join the modeling industry since she was young. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show also inspired her. The final thing that made her make a decision to join the industry was when she watched the 2011 fashion show.

The motivation to keep working on her profession comes from the urge to change the world by making life simpler and easier to comprehend while doing it with love. Her advice to budding models is that they should be the change they want to see in the world

Condon owes her success to her family that has stood with her throughout her career life. Her inspiration is also rekindled by her faith in God. She also has women that she looks up to that includes Angelina Jolie who she believes is very strong, Cara Delevigne for her work in empowering women and Michelle Obama for she is an amazing lady. However, Kennade believes that the hardest part of getting to her success was staying true to herself.

The other things you did not know about Kennade includes that she goes by the nickname ‘Star Bright.’ Her favorite song is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and loves lavender essential oil. When she is not modeling, she loves writing music, painting, enjoys nature, dancing and creating.

A while back in the course of last year, her best friend tried to kill her by running over her. Fortunately, she was not killed but was injured by the vehicle. Kennade discovered that the friend was jealous of her achievements.

After the hit, she was taken to Des Moines AI hospital where he had to go through to surgeries to save her life. She was then taken to a hospital in Iowa City where the doctors sew up the bladder and small intestines. Later on, she was diagnosed with a contusion, two broken jaws, a broken sacrum, and broken ilium.

After the surgeries’ to fix all these issues, she stayed in the ICU for five months. She had no friends visiting her at the time. When she got out of the hospital, her would-be friends sent many nasty messages on social media and to her phone number such that she came out of the social network and changed her number.

She got into depression and had to go to a rehab for PTS. Here, she got the support and care she needed. Kennade continues to see a therapist once a week up to today. She has been exercising and working on her voice too. The injury did not kill her spirit, and she is grateful for every moment in her life. To follow this new face:

Instagram: @kennadecondon

Twitter: @condonkennade

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