Kiyra Lynn: Bringing The Buzz

In a world filled with smartphones that update by the second and have us all walking around with heads bowed staring into our palms, it’s hard to catch another person’s attention, nonetheless to keep it. It takes something truly entertaining, spectacular and buzz-worthy to turn our heads and keep us watching. That’s where talents like Kiyra Lynn come in. Up and Coming sat down with this skilled host, entertainment correspondent, and producer to pick her brain on how she’s able to keep us engaged and always wanting for more.

Kiyra is a producer and the main host for The New Music Buzz, a show which covers the latest music news, gossip and interviews with celebrities and athletes, featuring indie artists, bands and pop superstars from all over the globe. She’s also a working contributor and producer to several different television and digital media outlets. When she’s not catching stars on the red carpet, or backstage interviewing up and coming talent, you can find her hard at work raising her young daughter. In other words, the girl is busy! But the thing about this bustling Angelino is that she makes it look so easy! An obvious effect of her true love for her career. “I am passionate about my work because I am a people person, always have been. Whether it be a sit-down interview with an artist or an A-lister on a red carpet, I can start a conversation with a person in line at the grocery store or while walking my dog, I like getting to know people and hearing their stories.”

Prior to working in entertainment, Kiyra spent her days as a Product Developer in the fashion industry. She found a satisfying career in fashion but realized that she had a skill for talking to people and getting them to open up, which lead her to her current endeavors. Changing careers can be hard, but her love for her craft and her gratitude for the opportunities presented to her kept the young host moving forward. Over the years, she’s worked hard to round out her experience and become an asset both in front of and behind the camera. “I’ve learned to write scripts, shoot my own content, edit, and produce. I also realize that my work experience from the fashion industry has been very beneficial. I’ve been able to take some of the creative and business aspects and implement them to my advantage.”

Though her job requires a lot of hard work and many late nights, Kiyra Lynn continues to thrive. When speaking to budding hosts who are also looking to break into this facet of the entertainment industry, she stresses the importance of finding someone they admire and putting in the work to study those who have preceded them and found success. Kiyra herself admires the likes of Ann Curry, Oprah Winfrey, and David Gregory, citing each of them as having special “it factors” that have inspired the entertainment reporter that she has become. “I’m not saying copy every move they do, but work towards those same steps and find your own voice to make your own impression. Treat it as a business and do your best to bring your A-game EVERY time. There’s that Steve Martin quote that I’ve taken to heart, it’s almost my mantra: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” “

It’s hard to imagine anybody ever ignoring Kiyra Lynn. The question is still left to answer though; what is the driving force behind her determination to succeed? To this, Kiyra credits her family, with a special nod to her mother and daughter. “I honestly can say that I owe my success in my career so far, to my Mom. Starting a new career from scratch, there have been many sacrifices that she has made for my benefit. If it wasn’t for my Mom and her support, there’s no way I would have been able to start from the bottom up. Even now, just being able to just get to a location on such short notice without someone to watch my child, she’s been able to step in and be there for both my daughter and me. Mark my words, when I win my Emmy, it will be dedicated to both my Mom and my daughter for the sacrifices they have also made in order for my career to flourish.”

Definitely worth a look up from your phone, Kiyra Lynn is a go-getting, dedicated and fiercely independent woman, who is bringing the buzz and making us take notice. She has been known to do everything from cut a rug on the red carpet with a Hollywood A-Lister to wearing a DIY Shark hat at a movie premiere, and her viewers love every minute of it. In the Up & Coming year, dial in those channels as we expect to see her saturation grow as she infiltrates more media outlets, and continues to develop her career. She has shown herself to be professional, poignant and thoughtful in a business that can often be anything but, and left Up & Coming with these words: “Most importantly I have and always will be kind, considerate and grateful for every opportunity given to me. I always say “please” and always thank the staff, the producer, director, camera guys, hair and makeup, coordinator for hiring me, making me look and sound good. This industry, it’s about teamwork and everyone plays their part. I’m just one piece that helps make it run and I never lose sight of that.”


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