Kyle W: Influencer to Mens Fashion

Kyle W has consolidated a reputation for himself as a trend setter on various social media platforms. Kyle is a respected men’s fashion influencer that has a unique approach and perspective that allows him to mix a range of both luxury and affordable street wear styles. This unique perspective is what paved the way for his sudden popularity on Instagram as followers that love his trendy casual look often rant and rave about his exceptional style.
Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Kyle was always inspired by his family as well as the trends and events occurring in the media and fashion industry. Like many others before him, Kyle dabbled in several careers that even included a short stint in radio. Through it all, fashion and style were always at the forefront of his mind regardless of how much he attempted to ignore his gift. His style posts on Instagram started out as a hobby, but the support and response that Kyle received gave him the drive to continue creating engaging content. Today, he is known as one of the most influential names when it comes to setting trends for men fashion. It was not always roses and rainbow though in the beginning.
When he started out, he struggled with finding a following, however, through continued hard work, he was able to turn a hobby into a successful money making venture. According to Kyle, the hardest part about starting out was figuring out if there were opportunities present that could allow him to transform a hobby into a viable career. When he started the process, there also weren’t many opportunities available for male fashion influencers as many opportunities were primarily reserved for female influencers.
From very early on, he learned quickly that there was no specific how to guide to teach him the ropes, which is why he learned to rely heavily on providing his followers with quality content in his niche. It was his move to California that finally allowed him to expand his world view; this move allowed him to attend fashion parties and important events that led to his eventual success.
Kyle credits the support he received from his family for his success as they were instrumental in allowing him to make a career change. Aside from posting engaging content, Kyle’s brand has evolved to allow him to style others and help them with their fashion and styling goals. So far, he has styled shoots well-known brands such as Puma, MVMT, Thread Workshop, Rockstar Denim, PacSun, Daniel Patrick, Greats Brand, Mooseknuckles and much more. To those looking to join the industry, Kyle insists on consistency and passion for the job, which makes it a lot easier to come up with great ideas and amazing content.

To follow Kyle with his fashion sense and innovation in mens fashion:

Instagram: @trendstepper

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