Sarah Grace Lands In Hollywood

Sarah GraceOpportunity? Opportunity is the rarest of things, and those individuals that are not fortunate enough to be born with it have to work doubly hard to receive their share of the cake, albeit how small it might be. This was the case with Sarah Grace. She started her journey in Fogo, Cabo Verde with crazy aspirations to become an actress. Mind you, Sarah Grace was born in abject poverty so you can understand why her goals were deemed crazy by many. At just 16, she entered a beauty pageant and won where she was crowned in front of everybody at a huge carnival event.Sarah Grace
Her dream only intensified the older she grew, and when the family moved to Boston at 18, her dream was finally in sight. She faced a lot of the difficulties encountered by immigrants upon her arrival to America. Her English was horrible, she did not have any friends and the family’s finances still were not at par. ‘’I always loved acting since I was a kid. I used to play a movie with my little brothers, and we would make up our own English language because that time I had no clue what English was.’’ Fortunately, Grace managed to graduate from Jeremiah E Burke High school and even did a short stint at Mass Bay community College, but she had to drop out due to financial strains. Sarah Grace
Armed with her dream and what little cash she could save up, Grace moved to California, but she could only stay for a little while as she could not afford the expensive lifestyle. The LA experience did not leave her though because she continued to work hard so that she could return, which she did in 2015 to attend the New York Film Academy where she graduated a year later with a degree in acting. Although it was her dream for the longest time, living in LA is not all roses and rainbows. ‘Being in a place without any family member and close friends is hard but my passion for acting and the belief that one day I will reach my goal is what keeps me motivated.’
Today, Sarah Grace gets to live her dream as an actress, and because of her exotic Cape Verdean look, the future looks brighter than ever. So far, she has done commercials for Carl’s Junior and Red Bull, and she has been featured in a few independent and short films, but she still harbors a desire to appear on the big screen. Sarah Grace is excited about her future, and she is particularly looking forward to taking up script writing as a new career possibility.

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