Shannon K Debuts Album “PERPETUAL”

Growing up, Shannon K was surrounded by the Bollywood fame and spotlight thanks to her Bollywood singer father, Kumar Sanu. The 15-year-old singer considers herself lucky to have such a talented father, but when trying to pave her own path in this crazy industry, it has been a challenge.

When Shannon K announced she wanted to be a singer, many simply assumed she would follow in the same path as her Bollywood father. However, that was not the case. The singer decided to forge her own path by singing pop along with sub-genres of soul, soft rock, and EDM. She was still inspired by her father and his music but also turned to the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Adele and Bruno Mars for inspiration.

For Shannon K’s latest album, PERPETUAL was inspired by her own emotions and experiences to help her write the songs. There are two songs on this album called ‘Running’ and ‘I Believe’ that reminded the singer of her grandparents because she misses them dearly and unfortunately was quite young when she lost them so she didn’t have much opportunity to spend time with them. The two songs were also written for her father as he is not around due to a busy touring schedule. Now with Shannon K being in high school, she also drew inspiration on the fragility of friendships and loyalty. Her song ‘Lately’ centers around people who have broken her trust in the high school. Each song on PERPETUAL touches on a different part of her life, giving listeners an inside look into the world of Shannon K.

At 15, not many can say they have already released an album or even performed at Hollywood venues, but Shannon K has. However, her proudest moment came when she was performing in Long Beach. During and after the performance the audience was cheering for the singer and was encouraging her throughout, bringing tears to her eyes. She is not sure about the future but is overwhelmed when people show their love towards her and is truly grateful to each and every one of them.

When asked if she could offer any advice to aspiring writers, Shannon K was rather humble about it, stating she was too young to give advice. However, the singer did note that perseverance and patience are the keys along with hard work and a positive attitude. There will be a lot of people who would want to see you fail and would discourage you but you have to keep going forward and not care about the haters, take in the good criticism and throw away the bad ones. Stay focused and always try to do better than before. Never give up on yourself. Her father always says one thing, “You never get anything before the right time and more than what is in your luck/faith.”

And now, with the right timing and a bit of faith, Shannon K has released her debut album, which can be found on iTunes and Spotify. In the future, she hopes to do collaborations with Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber and possibly explore her other passions such as dancing or acting.

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