Two Dog Nursery: Retail Store for Organic Gardening

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Two Dog Organic Nursery is the only Certified Organic Retail all-edibles Nursery in Los Angeles County, so you already know that U&C had to get in on this! JoAnne and Alejandro Trigo, with their two “boys,” Jake and Lalo, started the business 8 years ago. This duo combines business and teamwork like no other! This is actually their second business together! For 17 years the couple had La Paloma Design on Beverly Blvd., where they designed and created high-end custom furniture, upholstery, and lighting. When the economy crashed and the building sold out from under them, they moved the business to their commercial property where they still do projects for Interior Designers.  With very similar work styles and ethics, the duo has always worked incredibly hard and that’s what makes their businesses so great! Immediately proceeding their adoption, the loving pets destroyed the entire backyard. This led the Trigos to create their own amazing EarthBoxes on tables, which evolved into the amazing business we see today. Two Dog Organic Nursery grows hundreds of Certified Organic veggie and herb varieties and sells the seedlings in 4″ pots. Additionally, they carry a beautiful line of Organic Gardening products:  Soils, Composts, Fertilizers, Growing Kits, etc., and although, not Organic, they also sell tons of fruit trees and berry bushes. What keeps Jo Anne going is the excitement of the customers, many of whom are brand new gardeners, when they have success in their own food production. They whip out their iPhone photos of Heirloom Tomatoes and Melons as though they were showing off grandkids! And what could be better than that? This is what drives the business. Service.

“There’s just no substitute for it.  Alejandro and I have always been self-employed, and nothing wins like service.  So many of our customers are new and a bit freaked out, but assuring them that none of us is born knowing how to grow food helps them gain confidence.  We spend a lot of time teaching and advising, and of course, our own big “front yard farm” serves as a valuable “show and tell”.  People come to us for help in planning their gardens, spacing the plants, and calculating soil needs. We see customers by appointment and always allow time for this part.”

It’s that dedication to a product and a consumer that separates Two Dog Nursery from the rest. So what’s up and coming for this amazing company? Well, they’ve recently expanded the Open Hours at the Nursery (which is based at their home in the Miracle Mile), and they’ll add even more days once they step out of the Markets. So keep an eye out and get down there! You can see and learn more at

Elise Gray

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