Our world is filled with a multitude of differences. Different people, animals, and plant life all vibrating at their own frequency. The universe itself resonates at a vibrational level that very few can comprehend. It can feel overwhelming at times; the way people’s “vibe” can affect you when they walk into a room. We don’t always understand the reason for the change in our emotions or the physical manifestation it can create. Luckily, there are those who have studied and dedicated their lives towards guiding us through a better understanding of life’s reverberations; the ebbs and flows that influence us all, often without our conscious knowledge of them. This month Up & Coming sat down with Phoenix Rising, a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Alchemist, Breath Work and Shamanic Teacher and a Guide Through the Gateway of Realization.

I refer to Phoenix as a Guide for many reasons. Some may prefer to call her a healer after all her chosen mediums have aided many through transformational healing processes of different sorts. However, after experiencing a hypnotherapy session with her myself I found another perspective on her methods. Phoenix brings you to the door; she assists you in opening it and then holds your hand as you walk through the uncertainties, trauma, and doubt that your subconscious mind tends to lock away. She is the much-needed facilitator of a journey that not many are either willing to, or don’t know how to, take. However, it is up to you to continue along the path once you have been shown the door. “My goal is to show my clients, how they have the innate power to heal themselves. We all have this power but we have forgotten this most important aspect of ourselves! This is the light work that changes lives, and I am honored to be of service!”

You may have the question, “What does that mean? What does she do?”. The simple answer is that Phoenix is an Alchemist both in name and theory. She aids in transformation.
“I help people change or transmute the frequency of thought. Many of us grow up thinking very strongly about specific incidents that have happened to us in our lives. We hold on to the thoughts about these events so deeply, wrapping them in the emotion, year after year and decade after decade… that we then become the actual event. We are born with our natural essence of true self, but it is the life events that create our personality. Unfortunately, so many of us get lost in the events that we can’t find our way back home to self. I’m able to guide people back to their original self. Through specific tools and ancient practices, I can retrieve these old stories and wounds that hide in the subconscious mind. Then we safely transmute them…  moving them out of the mental, emotional and physical bodies, replacing them with higher frequency thoughts and ideas.”

Though learned practices, these tools are second nature to Phoenix as a loving and caring individual. She was the child that wanted to make others laugh and smile. Their happiness was hers. She would go through her days performing random acts of kindness, telling strangers she loved them and handing out hugs. As she grew she became the person people looked to for comfort and guidance. It goes without saying that she’s had to traverse her own challenges along the way, but these hardships never changed who this spiritual being was at her very core. “I experienced many traumas growing up, from being fostered to adoption, brainwashing, and bullying, to witnessing death at an early age. I was able to use these things to propel myself and to inspire others at the same time. I never had a thought about working as a professional in this area… it was just how I lived.”

They say: “Find what you’re good at and what you love, then make a career out of that.”. That’s exactly what this multi-talent has done. The thing is… she’s good at SO MANY THINGS! Phoenix’s original career was in music and fashion. She went to a performing arts school growing up and had a Streetwear line that was in Urban Outfitters and Patricia Smith. Her history also includes a Top 10 Billboard hit named “Between Us”, recorded under artist name Nyee Moses, that charted for 28 weeks in 2008. When you carry a light as bright as Phoenix does, it’s hard not to shine in all that you do. “I am excited and looking forward to creating new music that bridges my spiritual work with my music; sound healing, bass root vibrations, chill ambient grooves, opening possibilities for deep inner growth… ahhhh always the musician forever creating sound…for sound is what created the Universe! It doesn’t get more spiritual than that! So much of my life has been born of pure curiosity.  I have researched, studied alchemy, gone to Egyptian mystery schools and trained with great masters and Shamans in an effort for greater Universal understanding and self-healing… never thinking it would be a profession particularly.”

There is no real measure, or should I say, no real need to measure success when dealing with Spiritual Practices. It’s done out of love and an intense need to be of service to others. However, when asked if there was any one thing that has assisted her success in her field, Phoenix’s answer is the fact that she doesn’t follow the norm and never believes anybody who says she doesn’t have the capabilities of achieving her goals. She advises others looking to work along a spiritual path to “stay humble and hold a deep reverence for those who walked before you in the Master realms. Stay true to continual studies and learnings and realize that it takes much more than a weekend certification to accomplish this. Lastly… create your own words and truths.”

It is by creating her own words and truths that Phoenix can help others through her work. All careers come with their ups and downs. We all have learning curves and opportunities for growth that must be seized in order to be successful. This beautiful, spiritual goddess is no different and her story runs deep. “I’m not sure the word for me is “hard”, but more “challenge”, so to speak. My challenges have been about remembering and learning about abandonment. Apparently, I made a soul contract, an agreement for my growth, to experience abandonment in many different forms. Just when I think I have a handle on it, I find I must dig in on an even deeper level than the times before. Getting to the root and higher understanding that we are all eternally connected to Source takes incredible amounts of courage and the flexibility of the mightiest of our warrior skills!  My discoveries on how to master these issues, have truly driven me to help others with the same fears. We all feel abandonment on many levels and the exercise becomes, how to fill in the empty feeling in a healthy way, or what I call finding “The Soul’s Medicine”.
In my life abandonment has shown up in the form of being separated from my mother. She didn’t feel worthy enough to raise me, so I went into the system. From there I spent a short time in foster care followed by a highly challenging adoption. When I was 8, I witnessed my brother die…hit by a car. High school followed by 2 of my best friends and my boyfriend being killed in car accidents… only later to experience my fiancé being killed in a motorbike accident.
The challenge has been how to stay the course and give me permission to feel and understand these events, while at the same time not take them personally and to feel those black hole abandonment issues rule my life. My medicine, my therapy was through music, writing and seeking out the great masters and learning tools of Alchemy. By doing so, I’m able to pass it on and teach all those who come to me, a way to find their way, out of the madness!”

What’s up and coming for Phoenix Rising in the next year? She’ll be providing more classes and retreats involving Reiki, Kundalini, intimacy, and Alchemy. She’s made it her personal goal to attune 144,000 people into Reiki for self-realization and healing with the note that we have stepped into the “Golden Age” (2011-2040) and the possibilities for raising ourselves to higher realms of unconditional love and understanding are infinite. So, it’s time to start raising our vibrations up! We’ll see the Launch of “The Lost Medicine Project”, which is a universal archive of healing technologies and the rediscovering of the plant medicines on earth. There’s a book planned named The Source of All Healing. A new campaign will be released called “My Compassion Campaign… Veganism”, which will bring more awareness towards extending compassion to all sentient beings and teaching an understanding of how raising vibrational frequencies applies to the relationship between man and animals. The next year will also bring new Music, with an album entitled “Nyee Moses is Phoenix Rising”. Once again reiterating my statement that she is good at ALL THE THINGS!

She left us with these words: “I am most passionate about what I do… because I help people to remember who they are, why they are here and what their life’s purpose is all about. My Life’s purpose is to raise the vibrational frequency of all those I come into contact with. Please hit my link! I would love to gift you a free download to my powerful Third Eye Opening… so you can immediately begin to experience greater connection, clairvoyance, and vision into yourself!”

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