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Embodying a character other than your own can be a difficult undertaking. Tasks such as creating backstory, adapting body movement and intense thought processes go into putting on another persona. Acting isn’t all about memorization, makeup, and a pretty smile. It’s about the courage it takes to get knocked down and then jump back up again … and again… and again. It involves late nights, early mornings and unimaginable tenacity. It means being vulnerable in an industry where you could be openly deemed too tall, too short, too round, too thin, too red or aquamarine and knowing that all it really meant was that part just wasn’t for you.
This month Up & Coming sat down with Chloe Catherine Kim, an actor in Los Angeles who’s no stranger to the necessary building blocks found in perfecting one’s craft. Taking the city by storm one audition at a time, Chloe Catherine Kim is setting the stage for success.

Chloe knew from a young age that she wanted to entertain others. She was born into this world blessed with a family that not only supported but encouraged her in having fun and taking on other characters. They backed the young performer in exploring her big imagination and getting creative. The oldest of five kids, she grew up creating characters and giving them full background stories and would then go out into the world personifying her creations. “My entire family was involved. We all had alternate personas we would portray in public, accents, and everything. If I could convince just one person that I was a young Swedish girl named Sven who was a foreign exchange student, my day was complete. I am very lucky to have grown up with parents who encouraged me to be silly and creative.”

Acting may be Chloe’s passion, however, she is a woman well versed in many aspects of life. She trained as a competitive gymnast for 16 years (and can still do a backflip to this day), she attended Cal State Northridge where she worked towards a degree in Deaf Studies and she’s mom to the cutest little Yorkie that you’ve ever seen (also by the name of Chloe). Chloe is a woman who doesn’t shy away from words like dedication, practice, and work. We asked her what keeps her motivated to move forward with her life studies and her reply was that it’s all about family. “Mostly my siblings. I want to show them that it is possible to make your wildest dreams come true. I love setting a positive example for them and it feels so incredible when they are proud of me.”

Motivation is not always an easy thing to keep up with. It’s difficult going from one casting call to another and never knowing what exactly to expect. Frustration is a real thing and it can often feel next to impossible trying to get your foot in the door. It takes a strong backbone and often a good support system to help get you through the tough times. “It’s easy to get discouraged in this industry which is why it’s crucial to keep moving forward. Don’t give up! Good things come to people who work for it! I owe my success to my parents. They taught me that nothing is handed to you, you must earn it. I was also always held accountable for my actions. My upbringing has really shaped how I live my life and approach my career. I’m thankful to have such a strong support system behind me.”

It’s easy to see why Chloe is a contender in the L.A. acting scene. She’s strong-willed, steadfast and unfaltering in her resolve to achieve her dreams. She takes note of other strong women who have successfully navigated this storm we call life. Women such as her mother, who is her best friend and the only person she trusts to give it to her straight; Mary Tyler Moore, who not only broke the mold of what a woman in entertainment was “supposed to do”, but who created a whole new one by acting, producing and breaking societal norms and JK Rowling, a brilliant author who overcame multiple hardships and came out on the other side with an empire.

What’s up and coming for Chloe Catherine Kim this year? She has a couple of exciting projects being released, including a film she worked on called Hollow Body with Luke Wilson and David Arquette. Untogether, an independent film she worked on alongside Jamie Dornan will also be released. You may catch glimpses of her running through Disneyland (a favorite past time) or see her out and about on adventures with little Chloe (you can catch their outings on Instagram @cohlealexander). Wherever you see her, you can count on Chloe being in a state of forward motion; moving on, moving up, moving towards her dreams. We at Up & Coming can’t wait to see where it takes her.

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