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Chef Babette Davis is well known for being a motivational speaker. However, it is her healthy cooking and her fitness advice that has propelled her to popularity. Also the proprietor of a highly successful restaurant situated in Inglewood California known as the Stuff I Eat, Chef Babette has broken down boundaries of what people understand as ‘normal food.
Her kitchen prepares food without the use of any animal products, which is a creative and innovative way of serving food in an unlikely location like Inglewood. Unlike most of the dishes you would typically find in a vegan restaurant, Chef Babette’s dishes look nothing like vegan meals. To boot, they taste even better than they look. Her orders of American classics and favorites such as mac and cheese do not contain any meat or dairy, which is a true testament to her expertise and skill.
Chef Babette does not look a day older than 40 mostly because of the healthy lifestyle that she maintains. The 67-year-old is also a Pilates instructor beside owning and running her Inglewood restaurant. She wasn’t always as healthy as she is now, however. When Chef Babette Davis turned 40, she made the choice to make a complete lifestyle change. She started fuelling her body with nutrient-rich foods that allowed her to continue and maintain the active lifestyle that she enjoys today.
She wasn’t always an expert cook either at first. As a matter of fact, chef Babette says that she never considered herself a cook until she joined the vegan world in 1990 after she was introduced to the lifestyle by her husband. Chef Babette was inspired by how vegan chefs would imitate all the non-vegan flavors and textures that she had grown up with, which is what inspired her to start experimenting with meals before sharing her knowledge with others.
Eventually, Chef Babette started selling food at work which consequently allowed her to cater, open a food cart and eventually her restaurant that has since been open for 9 years. Her journey to success was certainly not easy, but with the support of loved ones, loyal and new customers, as well as the inspiration from her idols Dr. Baxter Montgomery, Dick Gregory and John Robbins, she has managed to inspire others to get themselves healthy both on the inside and out.
She encourages those looking to follow a similar path to love what they do. She states that ‘’being a vegan is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Don’t sell out. Establish your WHY and live by it.’’ Chef Babette is currently working on her new cookbook titled Cash in on Cashews. She is also collaborating with Mercy for Animals and Her Next Chapter.
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