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As 800 million monthly active Instagram users get their daily fix checking out their IG feed, 98% of the fashion and beauty brands are posting daily tying to catch the users attention. Companies are tapping into digital influencers for a more personal and less scripted approach to marketing their products. Serena Laurel’s style and posts have been a magnet for luxury brands looking for brand influencers. While her style and vibe as a new taste-maker are keeping her social media feed busy, her secret power as a songwriter is revealing itself with long hours in the studio writing and producing her first album.

Serena Laurel’s style/vibe is the perfect mix of retro and modern that comes to her naturally as she explores past and present fashions. She sweeps thrift stores to find those one-of-a-kind treasures. “I like found statement pieces to pair with current trends. Goals: I’d love to be a style icon like Zendaya – her closet would be heaven,” says Serena. Showing off fashions isn’t new for Serena, she started in elementary school as a FORD model alongside her commercial and theatrical work as an actress that continues in Hollywood.

Scrolling Serena’s Instagram feed is a treat. Her fans, #Laurelites will find style sprinkled with music and lyrics.  As we continue to scroll, we see glimpses of her secret power that is readying for a big reveal. Short video clips of original songs appear at random like this one at the KRUE House  Lyrics humbly placed as captions under images also pop up like Flip Side  “Songwriting allows me to free my mind and explore my ideas. The song writes me. I didn’t know I had this secret power to tell a three-minute story with melodies and my guitar. I very much surprised myself after I wrote my first song. Now, I can’t stop writing,” continues Serena.  Serena believes that learning to play guitar at age five in her church’s guitar fellowship was the beginning of her musical exploration that generated the passion for songwriting.

In second grade a local singer-songwriter asked Serena to assist with demonstrating her songs to the other classes, getting out of school the rest of the day was fun. She then decided learning to be a great singer might be more interesting than sitting in class and immediately insisted that her parents get her vocal lessons so she could audition for the Mrs. Carpenter’s CD. Current musical inspirations are Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote, Hozier and Lorde.

Serena performs original songs in live settings around Los Angeles and can’t wait to finish recording her first album to share with the world. Her love for music has also generated the album review YouTube series Record Rant   Serena stylishly rants with her celeb friends about current album releases. “Seguire il Vostro Cuore,” translated as “follow your heart” in Italian is her advice to everyone. Named after her Italian grandmother, she believes in being authentic and genuine to your soul.

Serena pledges kindness, inclusiveness as an advocate for Free2Luv. The Free2Luv organization takes the bullied to brave, heals hurts & builds dreams, inspiring and enabling youth to be their true authentic selves. She is currently included their “Friends don’t let Friends Bully” billboard campaign in Washington state. Also sprinkled on Serena’s social media feeds you will find hashtags like #iDefineMe #RockLuvNotHate #BeLuv #Kindness supporting a kinder more loving world.

What’s Up and Coming for Serena Laurel?

The designer perfume company Luxury Scent Box has chosen Serena Laurel to be featured in their 2018 marketing campaign on all their platforms as Brand Ambassador.

Serena Laurel was handpicked by Celebrity Stylist  Troy Jensen who has worked with celebs like Elle Macpherson, Christina Aguilera, Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel McAdams and companies such as Dior, Benefit Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Revlon.  Serena Laurel will partner with Troy, Indi, and Ulta on some of their upcoming beauty projects. We know they will create beautiful content together.

Serena can be found most days in the studio working on her first album full of secret power. Keep an ear out for the big reveal album and its release date.
In the meantime to get your music fix check out Record Rant on YouTube or scroll her Instagram to find more mini original song bites and lyrics.

You can see Serena live to perform acoustic sets consisting of her original music once a month on Sunset Strip at the State Social House with TMC and other venues around Los Angeles.

Check out some of the fashions and styling ideas Serena provided for her editorial images. Here are a few of the fashion and beauty brands Serena Laurel works with and may be found in the editorial shots: Kollectin, JOH Apparel, Type Alpha, Bradford Watch Company, STS Blue, My Intent, Vanity Planet, Exclusive Designs by Alejandra Jackson, Gretchen Christine

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