Nate Navarre New Kid on the Block


In searching throughout Los Angeles for the next new face, we inexpediently cross tracks with this young model from Michigan.
We sat down with Nate to ask him a few questions and find out a bit more about this upcoming model.

1. Tell me about yourself, interesting facts that contribute to your professional work. And background information:

2. What training/education do you have? Graduated from high school I’m 2014 went to community college for 2 years. Was tired of living the same life back home in Michigan. Moved out to California about a year and a half ago and fell in love with Los Angeles. The thought of leaving home in order to pursue a better life for myself motivated me and pushed me to make the move happen. I’ve been enjoying myself and my decision ever since.

3. Describe the moment you knew this was the career you wanted.

The moment that I realized this the career and passion were about 16 years old. What made me really interested in pursuing this field was the presence you can have nowadays on social media and the easy access to quick exposure at our fingertips. This allowed the dream to be a more realistic goal rather than a fairytale.

4. Please tell me all of the work you have done that you want me to mention.

I used to live in Michigan and was signed to a couple agencies back home (group) (productions plus) I did various shoots as a fill in for my photographer back home. Landed one gig in MI Magazine. With that, I’ve moved to California in hopes of more opportunity in keeping the dream alive.

5. With such a competitive profession, what makes you stand out?

This is a great question mania models with my look ask ourselves. With my looks depending on the setting I can transform my look into mania different looks. I’d like to believe my looks will get me through the door but my personality will keep me inside 🙂

6. What keeps you motivated?
What keeps me motivated is the thought maybe one day I could give back to my family. For everything that they’ve done for me and the life, they’ve blessed me with. If there’s anything I can do to give back I’ll go for it.

7. What is the ultimate goal, in reference to your career?

My ultimate goal in reference to my career would be to work along with the top names in the fashion industry. Work in their lookbooks and commercial advertising. Also to be able to work 20+ years in the modeling industry.

8. What’s up and coming for Nate?

Right now I am choosing the right Agency to represent me. This is so important in building a good working relationship will the right agency.
I am also hitting the audition trail in hopes of getting a cool model campaign.
To follow Nate and his modeling career:
Instagram: Nathan_Navarre
Model Mayhem Nathan Navarre

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