WISE RITUALS: Smoke.Soak.Sip.

Founders Crystal Korabek and Emily Brandon

Our lives are made up of a series of daily patterns. You get up, brush your teeth, wash your face and go to school/work/the couch for a Netflix binge. Those patterns carry throughout our week; we eat tacos on Tuesdays, go to Breathwork on Wednesdays and on Fridays we celebrate the end of the week with a group of friends. Repetition brings a sense of comfort to our lives.

Tea Blend

These daily and weekly small rituals we partake in, ease the chaos of the outside world that can sometimes be quite brutal to the senses. And when a chance comes to upgrade those rituals… well, that’s when it gets really good. Your baths become a little more decadent, your freshly brewed tea a little more relaxing and your nightly smoke a little more satisfying. This month Up & Coming sat down with the women of Wise Rituals, Crystal Korabek and Emily Brandon – two herbal alchemists on a mission to help connect us with “nature and all living things through handcrafted, organic herbal smokes, bath soaks and all-natural tea blends.”

Bath Soaks

Upon seeing them together, you’d first think these two entrepreneurs were childhood friends who’d dreamt of working and creating a company together. Though their connection is undeniable, the two actually grew up in different areas of the country but shared common loves. Both women grew up camping, hiking and cultivating an appreciation for nature and the beauty it holds. They both also carry a passion for healing, self-care and the world around them. Both had a “previous life” before coming together to start Wise Rituals. Emily is a licensed Esthetician and business owner who founded The Parlour, a lash and brow service in Laguna Hills. Crystal has worked in several diverse fields from commercial real estate to the development of start-up companies from the ground up; she also has extensively studied plant medicine and herbal remedies. Perhaps the most important thing for me to mention is that both Emily and Crystal are working towards a common goal. “Ultimately, we aim to bring our previous business and work experience to the table, accompanied by our passion for creating something sustainable and healthy that we can be proud of. By doing so, we’ve created Wise Rituals.”

Herb Snmokes

So, how did these women come together to start creating a natural, sustainable and alternative options for some of our everyday rituals? Though the idea for the company was constructed last year, the concept is something the creators have been working towards for quite some time. Crystal originally became interested in designing a healthier alternative for her friends and family who smoked cigarettes, most especially for her mother. She discovered a lung cleansing herb blend and began putting her plant knowledge to work in order to create a new medley, which is now the Wise Rituals Detox Smoking Blend. The goal was to stir interest in family and friends who would hopefully begin to question what they were putting into their bodies. Once the business aspect of this idea came into place,

Emily introduced the concept of adding the company’s bath soaks and tea blends. Thus Wise Rituals was born. “Aside from smoking, people have all kinds of rituals – from taking baths, to drinking tea, sipping a nightly glass of wine after a long day, going for a run to clear their head, etc. We feel passionate about promoting the idea that people should  be conscious of what they are putting into their bodies and practice wise rituals. We realize how people can get caught up in unhealthy habits or rituals, so we are aiming to change that in our customers.”

Hebr Smokes

Wise Rituals herbal smokes are fascinating. Emily and Crystal have found a way to return former smokers to the patio with their friends without having to smell like cigarettes or having to inhale chemicals, nicotine, pesticides or anything at all addictive. Even the filters are made from unrefined/unbleached plant cellulose, are chlorine free and are 100% biodegradable. Their most popular smoke, the Detox Blend, mimics the formula of several Native American tribes and includes herbs like Mullein, raspberry leaf, lobelia, damiana, and peppermint. They offer a blend called the Wise Woman that was created specifically for women, honoring the divine feminine energy within. Their Lucid Blend is a beautiful mixture that offers their customers a natural and slight, high vibrational head change. This perfect trinity embodies the essence of the company’s focus to offer alternatives to those who don’t want to smoke cannabis, chemicals or nicotine.

Co-Founder Emily Brandon

Though Wise Rituals is the primary focus of this dynamic duo, both Emily and Crystal have other projects they work on. Crystal works at a cryotherapy clinic and also with the owner of a women’s birthing center. Emily continues to work with her private clients from her brow and lash business. The importance of expanding their knowledge in their chosen fields is meaningful to their company. Whether working on their combined projects or their personal ones, it seems the nerve center of these ladies lies in empowering us with self-care, self-love and the ability to love the body that we were gifted. The two look to expand their offerings into a vast array of products in order to give us more ways to pamper ourselves. “The cool thing about naming our company Wise Rituals is that a ritual can cover a vast array of products, not just smokes, teas, and baths. We definitely have some amazing ideas we hope to bring to fruition, and we already have some exciting things in the works. No matter what, we want to create and offer products that people can feel good about buying. We also want to empower others (especially women) and show them how important self-love is.”

Co-founder Crystal Korabek

What’s Up & Coming for the ladies of Wise Rituals? You can expect to see them at events throughout the Southern California area! Look for them dotting the scenery of your favorite music festival, at your local farmer’s market and throughout your social media feeds. The company’s end game is simple:
“Overall, I think we just want people to feel good, and to do that, it should start with something as simple as your daily routines and rituals.”
We find their earthy, fresh and healthy approach exciting, and we can’t wait to create some new rituals of our own with their amazing products.

Wise Rituals

For more information on Wise Rituals, please check out their website


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