International Actress Carolina Levi Lands in Hollywood!

For this months issue, we sat down with the beautiful and talented international actress from Argentina, Carolina Levi.

Carolina Levi

Please describe what you do, and why you are passionate about your work.

I am an actress and I am totally in love with what I do. I am a Gemini and being able to play with freedom different versions of myself for work is like a dream, it’s a lot of fun. Us, human beings have a little bit of everything inside ourselves and being able to play with that is priceless. An actor studies people and learns about others and ourselves, I love the fact that I can be a better version of myself and help others as well. When I observe people through their eyes and body language, I see everything very clearly. It’s some sort of therapy.

What word do you feel describes you best as a professional and why?
Passionate is my word definitely. I love so much what I do that is limitless. I discovered myself being on set on a holiday or in a weekday getting paid a lot of money or working for free and putting the same love, work, and energy. That’s how I discovered that is my passion.
Were you always sure you wanted to be in the industry that you are in?
Yes, I did but I wasn’t aware of that until I was a teenager. I am from Argentina and I am the only artist in my family. As a child, it was not even a thought, growing up I found that world and that acting was what I wanted and loved to do.

Carolina Levi

What motivates you to continue your work?
Connecting with people who inspire me as an artist, who appreciate and support my work, being able to create more opportunities to grow as an artist and opportunities that motivate me to push myself and create more every day. As an artist, I think that it will probably never end. I would love to direct and open a production company in the future between other things.

Do you have any advice for those looking for a similar career path?
Yes! Love what you do, stay focus, work hard, create your own opportunities and don’t give up.

To who, or what, do you feel you owe your success?
To the passion for what I do, all the people around me who support me and help me to get where I am now and to the most talented artist in the industry who inspired me.

Carolina Levi

Who are your top three idols and why?
So many! It is difficult to choose… Here are some:
My grandmother because she was a warrior like all the women in my family, she moved from another continent and she made it all alone.
Stanley Kubrick, he was one of the most talented directors ever, he influenced me when I was a teenager in a way that makes me look at the movies of a completely different way, his art opened my mind, my perspective of the movies changed a lot after watching the Clockwork Orange.
Meryl Streep because she is so talented and hard-working that inspires me as an actress and as a person. I had the chance to meet her in person and she kissed my hand when I told her how she inspired me, that tells you a lot of how amazing is she. So humble. I couldn’t believe it.
Ricardo Darin, he is such an amazing artist and person as well, he inspires me with his art and values as a person. He is amazing as a human being, at his work, with his family, as a father, etc. I want to be like him in all the aspects in life, he is definitely my idol. He has all my respect and admiration.
What was the hardest part about getting where you are today?
Not having my friends from Argentina “the community” and my family every day with me to support me emotionally.

Carolina Levi

What’s up and coming for you in the next year?
The release of a film that I created with a super talented friend of mine where I act and produce it. I am super excited and proud. It’s called “Chic & Chambray”. It’s about an Argentinean comedian who goes to LA and is obsessed with success that is represented with hair. The movie “Madness on the Method” where I propose to Jaime Camil that is coming out soon, and other few projects that I am working on between film, TV, Youtube, and my stand up shows where I have a lot of fun.
Some projects around Argentina and Mexico City where I may be going soon

To follow  Carolina’ Instagram:   @lacarolinalevi

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