Katina Nikou The Ultimate Storyteller

Katina Nikou

U&C magazine was happy to sit down with this multi-talented actress ,writer, You-tube host and take a glimpse of whats happening Katina Nokou.

Please describe what you do and why you are passionate about your work.
I am a storyteller. Whether it’s when I am writing a script, playing a character onscreen, or co-hosting my Youactress

, I enjoy taking people on a journey. My passion for doing so stems from my childhood and my need for wanting to escape from my own reality when times got hard due to bullying or home life. Television and Movies truly saved me, and I want to provide that for others any way I can.
What word describes you best as a professional and why.
Tenacious for sure. This industry has given me a million reasons to walk away and give up but I have an unwavering loyalty to my childhood self. She dreamt of a life where she got to make a living as an artist and inspire other young women to do the same. I refuse to disappoint her.
Were you always sure you wanted to be in the industry you are in?
I have been sure of what I wanted to do since the age of five when I first saw Annie at a beautiful theatre in Detroit with my Yia-Yia (Grandma in Greek). Knowing what I’ve wanted to do my whole life is a very special thing. This profession called to me that day and has set my soul on fire ever since. If I wasn’t putting on plays in my childhood basement and forcing my poor sister Ashley, cousins and neighbor kids to be in them, I was watching every movie and memorizing every line, spending all my hard-earned teenage money on acting/improv classes and eventually moving to Chicago to get my feet wet. It was there I got my first few movie roles, really solidifying my desire to make this a career. L.A. came shortly after.

Katina Nikou

What motivates you to continue to work?
I am motivated by my desire to effect change. For nearly a decade I suffered from an eating disorder. During that time, I tried so hard to mold myself into what I thought men and society wanted me, as a woman, to be. I was exhausted physically and emotionally, therefore, my creativity was suffering. That’s when I realized I could start creating characters and worlds I wanted to see more of in my scripts and onstage. Most recently I co-created a food and beverage driven series for YouTube titled L.A. Happy with Pilar Holland. I am so passionate about this concept because I want to demonstrate that women can just as easily be out in the field eating sliders and drinking whiskey with the best of them. I believe these kinds of shifts will help bridge the gap between what was then and what is now.
Do you have any advice for those looking for a similar career path?
Always be true to what your heart desires. If that leads you into the entertainment industry just remember no two paths are the same. Be patient and have faith, your time will come. In the meantime, hone your craft, continue to learn, and be prepared because when opportunity knocks, you need to make it count. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
To who or what do you feel you owe your success?
I have always been lucky enough to have a great emotional support system during this long journey. My family in Michigan have been incredible cheerleaders since day one. I have been blessed with amazing female friends in L.A. and from my wild days as a waitress in Chicago. And although I believe success would have happened in some capacity for me, it would have never been what it is today without my husband Adam. This business makes me question everything daily. However, coming home to someone every day who listens and offers advice that I can trust, and who knows me better than I know myself, makes me feel like there is literally nothing I can’t do. He is my biggest fan and I am truly blessed.

Who are your top three idols and why?
Growing up my idols were all the women on SNL (still accurate) and stars like Carol Burnett and Betty White. I grew up watching every episode of their shows, immersing myself in their comedic talents and in awe of how smart and funny both women were (are). But honestly there’s so much talent on TV and in Film right now, every day I am in awe of someone knew. Everyone makes me want to better and strive bigger.
What was the hardest part about getting where you are today?
Realizing that there is no one way to the top took me a minute to realize. When I moved here I would ask everyone what they were doing to get booked and try to follow in their footsteps. It never worked, and I would get so defeated. Eventually, I learned to go after opportunities that spoke to me and my strengths as a writer and actress to ensure a better outcome. I also create a lot of my own content while waiting for the next thing to come along.
What’s up and coming for you in the next year?
I am currently shopping around my scripts. I have a female-driven Dark Comedy Thriller I am obsessed with that I would love to get in the right hands. I will continue to co-host L.A. Happy and strive to expand it and get it over to the right market in hopes of it becoming a series. And I am currently putting together a product for female campers. It’s still super hush. So stay tuned.
My life quote:
“When I need to shut off my creative brain and take a step back I turn towards my other favorite things in life; camping, hiking, yoga, champagne and laughing. A day with those few things and I am right back to center.”

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