Gracing our October cover story is the beautiful, talented singer-songwriter Michelle Leclercq. She sat down with to take for a fun snapshot of this talent.


Please describe what you do, and why you are passionate about your work.

I sing and I write songs. I’m an artist, it’s something that has been giving me butterflies in my stomach since I was born. I connect with people on a deeper level when I sing, music is good for the soul and it helps heal. I think that’s where my passion for music comes from. In uniting, in human connection.

What word do you feel describes you best as a professional and why?

I think it would be honest or real. Every song I have written comes from a real feeling or situation. Even my voice is honest, I’m not trying to be anyone but myself. It’s harder, you definitely feel exposed… and I am not the kind of person who is open about their feelings but when I’m on stage that changes… I let my feelings out and I let people in… that’s how I connect with my audience

Were you always sure you wanted to be in the industry that you are in?

100% I have known I wanted to be a singer all my life. Maybe because I’m a Capricorn and we’re all about goals haha… But I wanted to be a singer before I even learned how to talk

What motivates you to continue your work?

The fact that people relate to my songs. When I play a show and somebody cries, or they come after and hug me, that means all to me. That means they are not alone and I’m not alone either. Music is like this invisible healer that unites people. Also, I’ve had friends who came and left, I’ve had relationships that ended, I’ve been surrounded by people and I’ve also been lonely. But music was always there, whether I was sad, or happy, or in love, music was always my best friend.


Do you have any advice for those looking for a similar career path?

Work hard. No one makes a career without discipline. Practice every day, be creative and be yourself! Its Ok to learn from others, but when you write songs, an audience will connect to you and nobody else.

To who, or what, do you feel you owe your success?

My grandmother has always supported me with the music path. When I moved to LA I was alone, had no friends here at first. My grandma would always call me, always help me, she was always there for me, so thank you granny I love you! I think my friends who have collaborated with me have taught me a LOT! Especially my friend Analisa Corral who is a really talented songwriter. We write together a lot and being able to get a different perspective is really helpful! Lastly, my vocal coaches, who have all guided me into who I am today! Lynn Fanelly, Martin C. Hurt and Cristian Solé, thank you guys for being so awesome and for believing in me!

Who are your top three idols and why?

NAO, James Bay, and Hozier

There are a lot of songwriters and artists I admire. But my favorite thing about these three is they show vulnerability and it takes a lot of courage to stand up in front of a crowd and show yourself, including the things you don’t like about you. Hozier’s lyrics are unreal, the way he talks about love, life, death, he is more than a performer, he is a poet. NAO besides from having amazing lyrics too has such a unique style, she grooves with it. And James Bay had me since his first songs came out. He’s one of those artists you hear on the radio and you get goosebumps.


What was the hardest part about getting where you are today?

I used to be really shy. I struggled with stage fright, the really bad kind. I still get nervous a lot of times but I have learned to ignore the negative thoughts. The source of my fear was I did not trust myself as a singer. I was afraid of upsetting the crowd, but as I started to perform more often I realized nothing was as bad as I imagined it and that’s how I built my confidence. The worst part is breaking the ice, once that’s done tension is gone.

What’s up and coming for you in the next year?

There is SO MUCH coming !!! I’m releasing my first EP titled #SelfLove, and with it a music video for each song. There’s gonna be some touring, more songs, more shows, and art! I have way too much energy and there’s no way I’m saving it for myself. No no… expect songs, videos, collabs, everything!

Where can we catch some of your work?

You can watch some of my music videos by typing in my name on Youtube. If you have any questions feel free to send me DM’s on Instagram or emails at management@michelleleclercq.com


In parting anything else you like to leave us with?

, I am a really simple person. I believe if our thoughts come from a loving point we will reach happiness and that’s the message I want to spread amongst my fans… I have been through a lot and I think I am really strong, hopefully, I can help others realize how wonderful they are!



Social media:
Instagram @michelle.leclercq
Facebook: /itsmichelleleclercq
Twitter: @michulecri

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